Light Anomaly Caught on Camera

On 27 April, 2013, I went away for the weekend, so I set up the Ghost Monitor software. Something strange occurred at 5 p.m. during the time I was away, which was captured on webcam video. There were no external light sources, apart from the webcam LED lights, set to maximum brightness. At the moment, I’ve no explanation for it.

Unfortunately, the video for this is missing. It’ll be updated as soon as it’s relocated and reuploaded to YouTube.

Bear in mind that the software was set to "motion detection", meaning that if anything passed in front of the webcam’s line of view it’d be activated and would record. Before actually attributing it to "unexplained", I performed several tests: sunlight from cracks in the curtain, power surge, webcam malfunction or surge, flashlight from outside, and so on. And none of them could trigger the auto-record of the motion detection. The only way it came on was if I physically walked in front of it.

So, the conclusion is it’s certainly anomalous, if not paranormal in nature.

UPDATE (25 Aug 2013): The sound in this video has been enhanced to filter out ambient and external sounds. Also, the sound "pulses" you can hear match a specific EMF pattern consistent with the sub-frequencies apparently most identified with ghosts/spirits. I’ll be trying to tie this in with my own experiments in EMF as soon as I can get my equipment and have it set up. The article will be updated (probably rewritten) accordingly.

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