This page comprises video captures of spirits and other anomalies, which are compelling and anomalous. I don’t claim that any of them are real or not, so they are presented "as is". Some are videos where I’ve captured something anomalous myself. Each video has its own page, with additional explanations and notes.
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Video Light Anomalies Tutorial - Parazone TV

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate a few examples of what to look for when reviewing paranormal evidence and how light can play tricks on our minds and sight. The examples here will not apply to every case. They’re intended as possible things to be aware of when reviewing video evidence. Ultimately, the investigators will make the final call, as the circumstances in each investigation will be different.

EVP – During Editing “Video Light Anomalies” Tutorial

Here’s something interesting. While reviewing the video for the "Video Light Anomalies" tutorial, I may have captured an EVP. To me, it sounds like "roasting"; it comes across as "rosting", however, which is the dialectal pronunciation in my neck of the woods. And it’s doubly interesting considering that the webcam was pointing in the direction of the stove at the time. This was filmed late at night. There was no one outside, computer speakers were on Mute, and no ambient sounds.

Movie/TV ShowTrailers

These are the trailers for movies and TV shows. A list of upcoming release dates can be viewed on the Events Calendar.

Light Anomaly Caught on Camera

On 27 April, 2013, I went away for the weekend, so I set up the Ghost Monitor software. Something strange occurred at 5 p.m. during the time I was away, which was captured on webcam video. There were no external light sources, apart from the webcam LED lights, set to maximum brightness. At the moment, I’ve no explanation for it. Bear in mind that the software was set to "motion detection", meaning that if anything passed in front of the webcam’s line of view it’d be activated and would record. Before actually attributing it to "unexplained", I performed several tests: sunlight from cracks in the curtain, power surge, webcam malfunction… Read More »

Death's Curtain Episode 1 - A Supernatural Thriller

Death’s Curtain is a graphic supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat begging for more. Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Michael, he learns what people refer to and pray to as angels, have a twisted agenda of their own. WARNING: This Flash supernatural movie contains strong language and graphic content. If you’re easily offended by profanity or blood and guts, or faint-hearted, this might not be for you. [xyz-ihs snippet=”DeathsCurtainEp01″] Unfortunately, there appears to be only two episodes, as Episode 3 does not appear to have been created since advertisements for voice acting hit the forums in 2009. Both episodes are worth… Read More »

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