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Death’s Curtain Episode 1

Just when things couldn’t get any worse for Michael, he learns what people refer to and pray to as angels, have a twisted agenda of their own.

WARNING: This Flash supernatural series contains strong language and graphic content.

Death's Curtain Episode 1

Death’s Curtain Episode 1

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My Guardian Angel – Personal Experience

I’d like to share a true story that very few people know. It’s a story about a Guardian Angel whom, I believe, saved my life one fateful night a long time ago. This is one of several Near Death Experiences I’ve had.

Guardian Angel of Light - Found at Layout Sparks, but copyrighted to PWI

Guardian Angel of Light
Found on Layout Sparks,
but copyrighted to Perfect World International

I was riding my motorcycle home after work, as I usually did every night, travelling the same route, when I crashed. As I approached the crossroad, preparing to slow down to go straight and onto the road that would take me home, my brake cable snapped and in my confusion and fear, I must have accelerated.

I felt the motorcycle speed up and I lost control. The bike slammed into the bollards at the side of the road and I was pitched forwards, with the bike following close behind. I struck the ground with a bone-jarring force, head first, and moments later the motorcycle landed on top of me, snapping my neck. I could hear and feel my spine cracking.

As I slid limply into the watery ditch, car tyres squealed and a voice came from somewhere above, shouting in alarm. "Shit! He’s a goner!" I heard before I slipped into the chill water.

It’s said that at the moment of your death time slows and your life flashes before your eyes. It’s true! My life played like a video set in reverse, from the time I crashed all the way backwards to the day of my birth. The faces of people I knew and loved – those who had passed away and those who were still alive – swam in and out of my vision.

Perhaps at that point I lost consciousness, as the water started to fill my lungs. But then a disembodied voice, deep and commanding, spoke. It was in my mind yet was all around me. "No!" it said. "You cannot die here. It is not your time. You are destined for greater things!"

And all at once, time seemed to run forwards again, speeding up exponentially, from my birth to the moments before my crash. I broke the surface of the water, heaving in lungfuls of air, buoyed up forcefully.

I felt rough hands pull me out of the water and onto the embankment. All at once, the world around me came rushing towards me; reality crashed into me. I wanted to wail out in fear, but I couldn’t speak.

A voice asked if I was okay, stating that I was extremely lucky to be alive and, as the owner of the voice, called for an ambulance I sat up, realising that my entire body was shaking with delayed shock. A tot of whiskey was thrust into my hand and I drank it, but sat silently until the emergency services arrived.

While the police took a statement from the only eyewitness, the paramedic examined me for any signs of injury. Suddenly he stood up and shook his head. "You say you landed on your neck," he said, "yet you have no injuries whatsoever. It’s a miracle you’re alive! By rights, that accident should have killed you!"

After I called my parents to fetch me, I stared into the ditch and the only thing I could think of was how my motorcycle had been the best one I’d owned and how it was now gone.

Whatever – or whoever – had watched over me that day had also protected me from harm. In hindsight, as the events play vividly in my mind even after all this time, the paramedic was right: I should have died in that accident, yet I emerged unscathed.

I don’t know for certain what happened that day, but I’m eternally grateful that I was able to live long enough to find the woman who would become my wife.

My first Near Death Experience occurred when I was 7 or 8 years old, but this is one of the very few where a Guardian Angel was involved.

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