TV Shows

There are countless TV shows relating to the paranormal and the unexplained. The TV Shows section contains fascinating facts and figures about certain TV shows, including facts about the actors and individual episodes.

Tales From The Crypt

Here are some fascinating facts from the classic TV show Tales from The Crypt: [list icon=”icon: video-camera”] Tales from The Crypt ran from June 10, 1989 to July 19, 1996, spanned 7 seasons and totalled 93 episodes, which made it the longest running TV series of its kind at the time. John Kassir voiced the Cryptkeeper, but he also appeared as Larry in the episode Oil’s Well That Ends Well (S05E11). The first series only had 6 episodes, with the rest having in between 13 and 15 episodes each. Several movies spawned from episodes of the show: Demon Night, Bordello of Blood, and the lesser known Ritual. These were originally… Read More »

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