Strange Creatures

Stories of strange creatures (or cryptids) have been reported throughout history. Every country and every culture in the world has its own legend of strange creatures. This section provides facts about anything from big cats to giant sea monsters.
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Water Monsters

Since earliest times, reports of enormous creatures dwelling in rivers, lakes and oceans have dominated the imagination, many of which have passed into the realms of lore and legends. In some places, the waters are so deep that they remain largely unexplored; it would follow that water-dwellers (including remnants of dinosaurs) could be surviving there. [spacer size=”10″] Loch Ness Monster [list style=”note”] The scientific name for the Loch Ness Monster is commonly "plesiosaur". [/list] [spacer size=”10″] Ogopogo Monster [list style=”note”] At Lake Okanagan, Canada, the Ogopogo Monster predates the Loch Ness Monster by more than 80 years. [/list]


With an increasing number of reports and sightings of the elusive Bigfoot (and its variations), especially in the USA, researchers are conducting serious scientific studies into them. Evidence has been just as elusive as the hominids themselves. There are a number of theories as to what these hominids could be, the most common being that they belong under the Hominidae family, which includes many of the great apes and human ancestors. [spacer size=”10″] Bigfoot [list style=”note”] Bigfoot mating season is said to be March through April. Gigantopithecus is an extinct genus of ape that stood almost 10 feet tall, which many cryptozoologists believe to be what Bigfoot is. There have… Read More »

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