Friday The 13th

Here are some interesting facts about Friday The 13th movies, including sequels and cast members.

  • Robert Englund, the actor who portrays Freddy Krueger, says his favorite Nightmare sequel is New Nightmare. His least favorite is part 2.
  • Friday The 13th Parts 2-4 were intended as direct sequels, which means they occurred back-to-back within a few days of one another.
  • Freddy Krueger was originally supposed to be a child molester instead of a child murderer.
  • Friday The 13th borrowed its surprise ending from Stephen King’s Carrie, but protracted it so that Carrie fans would not see it coming.
  • Friday the 13th, Parts 3-4, weren’t even set on Friday the 13. They took place between Saturday the 14th and around Tuesday the 17th.

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