Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses

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Whether they are houses, apartment complexes, factories or sanitoriums, buildings have the highest amount of paranormal activity, ranging from sounds and EVPs to mists to apparitions. This section contains a collection of stories and legends about some of the most well-known, most haunted buildings in the world.
[spacer size=”10″] [label style=”info”]UK[/label] The Woodchester Mansion, England, was planned for use as a mental hospital, a hotel and a school before being deserted (due to high paranormal activity).

[label style=”info”]USA[/label] The Winchester Mystery Mansion, in San Jose, California, considered to be America’s most haunted house, stands over 4 storeys high and has 467 doorways, 47 fireplaces and 2 mirrors.

[label style=”info”]USA[/label] The house in New York that triggered the legendary movie The Amityville Horror, and inspired its sequels, was put on the market for $1.35 million in 2011.

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