Haunted Locations

The Haunted Locations section contains facts about places or locations believed to be haunted by some kind of entity from around the world, from haunted highways to famous ships.
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Haunted Highways

Some highways and roads seem to have particularly high levels of paranormal activity, usually as a result of accidents. This section is a collection of stories and legends about highways throughout the world. Also included in this section are articles about ghostly hitchhikers, mystery hills, road anomalies and other unusual optical illusions. [label style=”info”]Thailand[/label] Locals believe that evil entities are responsible for car accidents, especially along the stretch of road known as "100 Corpses Crossroads".

Haunted Houses

Whether they are houses, apartment complexes, factories or sanitoriums, buildings have the highest amount of paranormal activity, ranging from sounds and EVPs to mists to apparitions. This section contains a collection of stories and legends about some of the most well-known, most haunted buildings in the world. [spacer size=”10″] [label style=”info”]UK[/label] The Woodchester Mansion, England, was planned for use as a mental hospital, a hotel and a school before being deserted (due to high paranormal activity). [label style=”info”]USA[/label] The Winchester Mystery Mansion, in San Jose, California, considered to be America’s most haunted house, stands over 4 storeys high and has 467 doorways, 47 fireplaces and 2 mirrors. [label style=”info”]USA[/label] The… Read More »

Haunted Ships

Ships have been used throughout history for exploration and warfare. Modern warships, many of which have now retired after decades of service, are not exempted from paranormal activity. This section contains facts about ships of all types and sizes, both historical and modern. [spacer size=”10″] [label style=”info”]Queen Mary[/label] The most haunted ship in the world is considered to be The Queen Mary, which weighs 81,000 tons and has 55 recorded ghosts.

Haunted Graveyards

In graveyards, the final resting place of the living, paranormal activity is usually very high. The older the graveyard the more paranormal activity takes place, from orbs to EVPs to partial- or full-bodied apparitions. This section contains facts about graveyards from all over the world, including cultural beliefs about the dead. [label style=”info”]UK[/label] Highgate Cemetary, London, England, was one of the most sought-after burial spots in Victorian London and fashion-conscious Victorians would not be buried anywhere else. [label style=”info”]UK[/label] The Greyfriars Cemetary, Kirkland, Scotland, is reputedly haunted by the infamous "Bloody" George Mackenzie, buried there in 1691.

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