Freaky Coincidences: 2000s

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    Laura Buxton

    In 2001, Laura Buxton released a balloon in Staffordshire, UK. It was found 140 miles away – by another girl also named Laura Buxton."

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    Two Aprils

    In 2005, April Dawn Shiflett, 33, and April Dawn Davis, 27, were both arrested with murder-by-plots charges.

    Here’s the interesting part:

    • Both women lived in different parts of Fairfax County.
    • Both women had 22-year-old boyfriends.
    • Both murders occurred on the same day, but were separate incidents.
    • Both were arraigned within a few days of their arrest.
    • Both women paid an undercover cop to kill their boyfriends.

    2 Aprils, 1 ‘Freaky’ Similarity For Police, Washington Post

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