Paranormal Facts

In this section, you will find a wealth of useful (sometimes useless) facts and figures relating to the paranormal realms, from ghosts to werewolves.
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TV Shows

There are countless TV shows relating to the paranormal and the unexplained. The TV Shows section contains fascinating facts and figures about certain TV shows, including facts about the actors and individual episodes.

Haunted Locations

The Haunted Locations section contains facts about places or locations believed to be haunted by some kind of entity from around the world, from haunted highways to famous ships. [spacer size=”10″]

Strange Creatures

Stories of strange creatures (or cryptids) have been reported throughout history. Every country and every culture in the world has its own legend of strange creatures. This section provides facts about anything from big cats to giant sea monsters. [spacer size=”10″]


Many movies have had unexplained phenomena and paranormal activity attached to them, as has Hollywood itself. The Movies section contains paranormal facts and figures about everything from movies to celebrities (both living and deceased), from strange coincidences to curses. Many celebrities themselves live in haunted houses or have had some kind of paranormal experience.


Parapsychology (also called psi or psychical research) is the scientific study of paranormal phenomena, especially ESP, psychokinesis and ghosts, including poltergeist activity. The term was first coined by Max Dessoir in or around 1889 and adopted by J.B. Rhine in the 1930s as a replacement for psychical research.

Freaky Coincidences

According to the Free Dictionary, a "coincidence" is "a sequence of events that, although accidental, seems to have been planned or arranged". And no doubt we have all had such experiences, often leaving us with a sense of wonder and mystery. But is it really coincidence? Or is something else working behind the scenes? Some peoples’ lives are inexplicably intertwined, it seems, and there might be more than mere coincidence at work. It’s often said that all things happen for a reason and, in the case of coincidence, that may well be true. Sometimes novelists unwittingly write fictitious stories that end up coming true or they have weird experiences that… Read More »
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