Paranormal Software: The PLAN

Paranormal Software |The PLAN (The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook)

The PLAN (The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook)
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Nothing is worse than sifting through hours of video footage or EVPs and then trying to consolidate your notes for a particular investigation. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a comprehensive program to log all of your investigations, where you can place the dates and times of investigations, locations, and any session notes and evidence or anomalies you might capture (such as apparitions, mists or EVPs)?

Good News! There Is!

Enter The PLAN (The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook).

This amazing piece of paranormal software enables you to consolidate your investigation notes and captures in one convenient place so you no longer have to hunt for them on your hard drive or iPhone. That can be a nightmare that even the most organized person can become a victim of.

Some of the features available include:

  • Investigator’s Profile and Statistics – Here you can log information about each group or team member, including contact details and certification levels.
  • Equipment Inventory – In any investigation, you will no doubt have a large variety of tools, gadgets and equipment, from digital recorders to EMF pods to full-spectrum cameras. Here you can record which equipment was used in your investigation.
  • Paranormal Software |The PLAN Sample Report

    The PLAN Sample Report

    Types of Activity – This is where you can log whatever paranormal activity occurred during the investigation, whether it’s EVPs, anomalous lights (orbs, streamers, streaks, etc.) or anomalous appearances (ghosts or spirits, shadows, mists, etc.) because at some point you will capture something you can’t definitively explain. This is quite a useful feature to have.
  • EVP Recordings & Photo Evidence – With this convenient feature, you can save EVPs and AVPs, as well as photographs, from your investigation and then use whatever media player or image viewer you use to review them.
  • Use Your Group Logo – Most paranormal groups nowadays have their own logos. In this section, you can place your logo into The PLAN alongside additional contact information or slogans in a neat "cover letter" design area, giving your session your own stamp. The style and layout can also be customized to your preferences.
  • Password Protect – The PLAN offers a password-protection system to protect reports, which are still viewable by others but they cannot be edited. This is also useful for private sessions shared by a small group of individuals, such as clients.

Bonus Packages

If you buy now, you’ll receive the following additional, exclusive bonuses:

  • Pure White Noise CD

    Pure White Noise CD

    Pure White Noise CD – A 60-minute frequency-neutral, non-repetitive "white noise" MP3. White noise is where normal background noises can be neutralized so that EVPs and AVPs can utilize a higher bandwidth to become the central frequency and not several converging frequencies. So, with the aid of the White Noise CD, investigators will be able to hear spirits respond and answer questions on their digital recorders.
  • Ghost Weather Station – This desktop application will display the Moon phases, Moon angle and Percent of Lumination, among other things. Knowing these kinds of details before an investigation is just as important as knowing which equipment to use, since it’s thought that at certain times and Moon phases paranormal activity tends to be more pronounced. With this in mind, this application will provide precise details so that you can plan ahead of time.
  • Simply Ghost Newsletter – A newsletter specifically created with "ghost hunters" in mind by a paranormal enthusiast.
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So, How Much Will This Paranormal Software Cost?

That’s the key question! You’d expect this kind of paranormal software to be expensive, at least in the $100s. But, no! You can buy The PLAN and all of the above for just $19.95!

Now isn’t that a deal you simply cannot refuse? There’s no guarantee that it’ll stay at this price for long, so get your copy now! You will not find a better product for all your needs. And if you’re not satisfied, within 60 days, you’ll receive a full refund.

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