Tarot Jokes – Page #1

The collections in this section are jokes about tarot cards, taromancers and tarot readings everywhere.

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1. What's a card reader's favorite food?
2. What is the difference between a tarot reader and a promiscuous woman?
3. What do you call a suicide bomber who consults the cards beforehand?
4. Sage Advice for Taromancers
5. What did the client say to the humorous tarot reader?
6. What did one Tarot reader say to the other Tarot reader after they had made mad, passionate love?
7. What do you call a card-reader who sings at Christmas?
8. Why shouldn't you take a yelling tarot card reader seriously?
9. The "Oldest Profession"
10. What's a card reader's favorite food outlet?
11. What's a card reader's favorite musical?
12. What's a taromancer's favorite candy?
13. How can you tell if a taromancer is an obsessive vegetarian?
14. Confession

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