Spoof Paranormal Book Titles

This section is dedicated to spoofs and jokes that parody the paranormal. Here is a list of paranormal- and psychic-related books (in alphabetical order) that definitely won’t appear on bookstore or library shelves.

Click the titles to show/hide the answers.

  • Dowsing For Dummies by Herbie Waterman.
  • Dendrological Magic by Theresa Funne.
  • Empathy by Ophelia Payne.
  • Fortune-Telling by Crystal Ball.
  • I Can See Spirits by Claire Voyance.
  • I’m An Atheist by Noel Noheaven.
  • I Read You Like A Book by Claire Voyant.
  • It’s All In The Mind by Madge Ination.
  • Meditation & Relaxation by Bree Thin.
  • My Future by Lateren Lyfe.
  • My Life As A Medium by Bento Hellenback.
  • Paranormal Mysteries by N. Igma.
  • Paths To Spirituality by Ned Itashin.
  • Psychic Junkies by Mustafa Reedin.
  • Psychics: A Beginner’s Guide by Wanna B. Sykik.
  • Raising Objects With The Mind by Levi Tashun.
  • Reading The Cards by Tara Mancea.
  • Remote Viewing During The Cold War by I. Spye.
  • Teach Me To Be Psychic! by I. Wanda No-How.
  • The Fortune-Teller by Reid de Palmers.
  • Things That Go Bump In The Night by Ivor Polter-Geist.
  • What Is My Future? by Howard I. Know.
  • Wicca for Dummies by Justaska Witch.

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