Spirits/Spirit Guides Jokes – Page #1

These jokes are dedicated to spirits, but it also proves that even spirit guides are not safe from our humour.

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1. Why are people who've passed away without their glasses mistaken for Oriental spirits?
2. Why is it that some guides will not talk?
3. What is the difference between a Spirit and a Ghost?
4. Why did the spirit go to the party alone?
5. Why was the spirit haunting the graveyard an alcoholic?
6. What kinds of spirits serve food on a plane?
7. What did one spirit say to the other spirit?
8. What ride do spirits like best at amusement parks?
9. Why did the spirit look forward to entering the Otherworld?
10. What do you get when you cross a poltergeist with an owl?
11. Where do spirits go swimming?
12. Why might a handkerchief be so scary?
13. What do you call a chicken that haunts its coop after its death?
14. What do you call an angry chicken spirit?
15. What's a spirit's favorite car?
16. What's a spirit's favorite "feel good" food?
17. Why didn't the spirit guide win the lottery?
18. Where do spirits become certified as spirit guides?
19. What do you call a hyperactive spirit that bounces up and down continuously?
20. What do you call a spirit that possesses a person and causes him or her to break wind noisily?
21. Where do spirits refuel their vehicles?
22. Why couldn't the spirit warm up?

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