Palmistry Jokes – Page #1

These are jokes devoted to palmistry, palm-reading and cheiromancy.

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1. Love Line
2. What is a chiromancer's favorite tree?
3. Did you hear about the octopus who had his palm read?
4. A Bit Of Confusion
5. Where do cheiromancers like to go on vacation?
6. Why was the cheiromancer arrested?
7. Loving Husband
8. How did the palm-reader know that his psychic friend was in trouble?
9. How was the palm reader rescued when he almost drowned while swimming?
10. What is a common cheiromancer's last name?
11. What is a cheiromancer's favorite rapper?
12. Why would cheiromancers make good stage magicians?
13. Why was the palm reader pulled over for speeding?
14. Where do naked palm readers prefer to spend their vacations?