Paranormal Miscellany Jokes – Page #1

These jokes do not adequately fit into any of the other categories. There aren’t too many here, but they might be moved to a category eventually.

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1. Gift From McDonald's
2. What do you call a psychic mosquito?
3. Why was the ant considered as being psychic?
4. God Bless Papa
5. What happens to a Ceremonial Magician when he's angered?
6. Psychokinesis Lecture
7. Meditation
8. Did you hear about the cow that attained Enlightenment?
9. Ouija Board Lies
10. What tool do marijuana smokers use to talk to spirits?
11. What's the Devil's least favorite food?
12. Telepathic Watch
13. Haunted Husband
14. History of The "Inner Voices"
15. Why did the Spiritualist refuse his dentist's Novocaine during root canal work?
16. Why did the stage magician put a cloth over the medium and make them disappear?
17. Where do parapsychologists go to return their empty pop bottles?
18. What can't you give a headless horseman?
19. Why did the headless horseman start his own business?
20. What is a sorcerer who casts only good spells?
21. What do you get if you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?
22.Why would a pacifist not make a good investigator?

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