Mediumship Jokes – Page #1

These are jokes relating to mediums and mediumship, including séances, etc.

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1. Why did the Medium cross the road?
2. Why did the dumb Medium cross the road?
3. Why did the medium always hear loud farting noises when they channel into the spirit world?
4. Why is Robin like a Medium?
5. Why is a Medium like an alcoholic?
6. What do a Medium, a bottle of whisky and a ghost have in common?
7. What do you call a skinny psychic?
8. What do you call an obese psychic?
9. What do you call a fruit-eating psychic?
10. What do you call a drunken psychic?
11. What do you call a very powerful psychic?
12. Medium At A Bar
13. What's a medium's favorite breakfast cereal?
14. Three Knocks For Yes
15. Grandmother?
16. A Medium's Wardrobe
17. Why are artists and psychics alike?
18. Did you hear about the psychic who was arrested for possession of marijuana?
19. Did you hear about the mediumistic tailor who measured with an invisible tape measure?
20. How many Spiritualist Mediums does it take to change a light bulb?
21. What is a medium's favorite song?
22. Why did the psychic refuse to board the Titanic?
23. Why couldn't the psychic fit into a size "small" dress?
24. Which TV shows do mediums watch the most?
25. What is a medium's favorite TV channel?
26. Connection To Heaven
27. What's a medium's favorite game?
28. What is a medium's favorite board game?
29. What type of magazine does a medium check for TV programs?
30. What part of the road does a medium prefer driving on?