Ghost Jokes – Page #2

This page contains more ghost jokes and jokes about hauntings, as well as other ghostly goings-on.

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31. What do ghosts use to boot up their computers?
32. What does a "discarnate entity" use to write its novels on?
33. What is a ghost's favorite line from a song?
34. What is a common last name for a ghost?
35. What are headless ghosts called when they are first married?
36. What do you call a ghost sitting in front of the fire during the middle of winter?
37. What's the difference between a Polo Mint and a ghost?
38. What is a ghost's favorite fast food?
39. Why did the ghost wander from place to place?
40. How can you tell if a ghost is lying?
41. Why did the student ghosts like frat parties so much?
42. What do you get if you cross a gopher and a ghost?
43. What is a ghost's favorite treat?
44. What's a ghost's favorite chewing gum flavour?
45. How does a ghost say goodbye?
46. What do you call it when a ghost makes a mistake?
47. What do naughty ghosts use in school?
48. What is a ghost's least favorite sweet?
49. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?
50. What kind of street does a ghost like?
51. What do ghosts drink when they're hot and thirsty?
52. Why can't a boy ghost have babies?
53. Where does a ghost go on Saturday night?
54. What do ghosts say when something is really neat?
55. Why did the ghost go from one bar to another throughout the night?
56. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog?
57. What tops off a ghost's ice cream sundae?
58. Why are ghosts messy eaters?
59. What kind of makeup do ghosts wear?
60. Who was the most famous ghost detective?