Ghost Jokes – Page #1

This page contains ghost jokes and jokes about hauntings, as well as other ghostly goings-on.

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1. What is a ghost's favorite breakfast cereal?
2. What topping do ghosts add to their morning cereal?
3. What's a baby ghost's favorite game?
4. What does the father ghost say to his children before driving?
5. What does a ghost make when he falls and scrapes his knee?
6. What is a ghost's preferred method of transportation?
7. What do you get when you "goose a ghost"?
8. What kind of car does a ghost drive?
9. What advice does a mother ghost say to her baby?
10. What kind of pants (trousers) do ghosts wear?
11. Where do ghosts shop for their favorite clothes?
12. What fairy tale do ghosts like best?
13. What is a ghost's favorite nursery rhyme?
14. What's the difference between a fisherman and a sick ghost?
15. How does a ghostly TV news reporter annouce the news?
16. What does a ghost give his girlfriend on Valentine's Day?
17. What kind of footwear do Texan ghosts wear?
18. What did the romantic ghost say to his lover?
19. What is a ghost's favorite cake?
20. What sound does a ghost make when it cries?
21. What is a ghost's favorite pantomime?
22. Why did the ghost stagger through the streets, singing and dancing?
23. Why did the ghost take "pep pills"?
24. What sounds do a ghostly owl make?
25. What is a ghost's favorite Thanksgiving meal?
26. What is a ghost’s favorite vehicle?
27. Afterlive
28. Why do ghosts prefer skyscrapers to ground floor apartments?
29. Why did the ghosts return to the pub after a group of party-goers performed an exorcism?
30. What do ghosts use for their wordprocessing?