Paranormal Jokes

This section is devoted to paranormal and psychic humour. Laughter and levity is equally as important as those serious moments, even during investigations. We’ve made some up ourselves, some have been collected from others, and some have been sent to us. Some of these are "groaners", and some may cause offense, but just keep an open mind and enjoy!

Mediumship Jokes

These are jokes relating to mediums and mediumship, including séances, etc.

Palmistry Jokes

These are jokes devoted to palmistry, palm-reading and cheiromancy.

Answer Machine Gags

These jokes are spoof answering machine messages. None of them are actually used on answering machines, but they are still fun.

Psychic Jokes

These jokes are specifically about psychics in general and psychic practices.

Psychic Readings Jokes

These jokes are about psychic readings, including some actual sessions.

Spirits/Spirit Guides Jokes

These jokes are dedicated to spirits, but it also proves that even spirit guides are not safe from our humour.

Tarot Jokes

The collections in this section are spoof “"alternative" decks of tarot, alongside jokes about tarot cards, taromancers and tarot readings everywhere.

Miscellaneous Paranormal Jokes

These jokes do not adequately fit into any of the other categories. There aren’t too many here, but more might be added later.

Astrology Jokes

These are jokes and puns relating to astrologers, astrology or astrological practices, such as birth charts, planets and their movements, etc.

Spoofing The Paranormal

This section is dedicated to spoofs and jokes that parody the paranormal.

Ghost Jokes

This page contains more ghost jokes and jokes about hauntings, as well as other ghostly goings-on.

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