Paranormal Games: Ectology

Ectology - Paranormal Game

A new science is on a horizon – capture ectomorphs and help Ectology science.

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The paranormal game Ectology centres around "ghost capturing" in the name of scientific research. It’s a fun, addictive game with a plethora of features and, in my opinion, is the best paranormal game I’ve played. In fact, this is definitely one of my all time favourites.

Dr. Mia Flatcher provided evidence of new life forms to the world. Now, the University began developing a huge program to further develop the new Ectology science. You must safely capture paranormal life forms at a number of haunted locations so that they can be studied and used for trading and upgrading equipment.
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Play Paranormal Game: Ectology

Play Paranormal Game: Ectology

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[list style=”mouse-left-click”]
  • Hold left click to fire, release when the bar is within the borders to capture ghost
[/list][list style=”keyboard”]
  • 1,2,3… keyboards to change rooms or use in game buttons
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The Ectopedia is an essential part of ectology exploration. It displays a log of your discoveries and information about equipment and the ectomorphs you’ve discovered, including how many of each type you’ve captured.


Ectology - Equipment Screen

Display of the equipment used for Ectology science.

The University has provided state-of-the-art equipment specifically to capture and analyse ectomorphs.

Ecto-light: Although still a kind of prototype, having only been tested in laboratory conditions, by adjusting the amplitude and frequency ectomorphs become visible. The principle of ecto-light was discovered by accident, so is still a great mystery since it goes beyond conventional physics.

Electron: After discovering during a thunderstorm that certain types of electric charges influences ectomorph activity and behaviour, the Electron was born. It houses a specifically designed charge coil capable of capturing or destroying ectomorphs, depending on the wave alignment. If both frequencies are aligned, ectomorphs can be captured, otherwise they will not survive the extraction process.

Mexx: This is a remotely controlled probe that incorporates all of the equipment needed to extract and store ectomorphs: Ecto-light, Electron and a specialised camera capable of enhancing ectomorph visibility. The most expensive part of the Mexx is a powerful quantum supercomputer, which stores and digitalises ectomorphs for easier observation and study.

Power Supply: Standard batteries that fit in the Mexx. The chamber can be upgraded to conserve more power.
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Ectology - Ectomorphs

Display of ectomorphs and mentals

Existing within the Ectosphere, a physical vacuum extant in the very fabric of space, is an infinite world, allowing non-local pure energy information to freely flow. This allows the rapid self-organisation and evolution of energy particles, resulting in a potentially limitless number of life forms.

Ectomorphs, the common name given to all ectospheric entities, are invisible to the physical senses because the brain filters it out. Under certain conditions, however, ectomorphs can be seen, felt and heard for very short intervals. Although it hasn’t been empirically proven, it’s thought that Ectomorphs are responsible for many of the paranormal encounters.

Ectomorphs can be categorised into two distinct subsections: Ectozoa (simple ectomorphs) and Mentals (complex ectomorphs). Further investigations are necessary to determine the characteristics of each type of Ectomorph, hence the need to capture them. The more ectomorphs are caught, the more we will know about them.


Before starting your investigation, the University will provide a basic tutorial on how to use the equipment to effectively capture ectomorphs. It’s worth taking because when ectomorphic activity is high, it’s very easy to mess up and you’ll end up killing an ectomorph instead of capturing it. The University won’t take too kindly to that.

Enjoy yourself and have fun! But be serious about it. This is for scientific research!

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