Paranormal Games

The Paranormal Games page is dedicated to games and other interactive things relating to the paranormal, spiritual and psychic realms. These have been conveniently categorised for easier reference. Relax and have a little playtime!
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Parapsychology Games

The games in the Parapsychology Games section are mainly to do with what is more commonly referred to as "ghost hunting". There are very few of these types of paranormal games, but these are some of the best ones. [spacer size=”5″]

Psychic Games

In the Psychic Games section are various games and interactive items relating to the psychic realms, including psychic readings. Try not to take any of these too seriously, since they are intended as entertainment to while away a few hours! [spacer size=”5″]
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    • Ectology – A new science is on a horizon – capture ectomorphs and help Ectology science.
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