Just For Fun

The pages in this section are just for fun, light entertainment and an aside from the rest of the site. They still adhere to the paranormal, psychic and spiritual realms, but aren’t intended to be taken too seriously.

Find Your Sun & Chinese Signs

Here you can determine your astrological Sun sign and Chinese sign. Enter your date of birth and press "Calculate" for the results. [widget id=”html_javascript_adder-3″]

Try The Magic-8 Ball

Click on the 8-ball, type your question, and click for the answer! Note: You don’t need to sign up. Just click on Show Me The Answer to reveal the Magic 8-Ball’s response. Be prepared for some facetious responses and remember not to take it seriously. Source: Originally found on Pyzam, which now redirects to Broken Bulb Game Studios.

The Amazing Mind Reader

Follow the instructions for your mind to be "read"! It’s striking how "accurate" this is, with a success rate of approximately 80% with the tests I did. The in-built link redirects to Flashlight Creative, but it appears that this particular Flash game is no longer there. I originally found this on Daily Haha. It’s probably still there, I just can’t find it, but they deserve credit as well.

The ESP Test - Are You Psychic?

Pick the symbols of the cards by pressing "Select" under each card until you see the symbol you believe is hiding under the card. Then press Reveal Card to see the answers. Next Level will take you to the next "trial". Tip: Symbols can be the same. My score was 90% after 3 tries, but to be fair that isn’t an accurate measure of even a small amount of psychic ability. You need at least 25 trials, with a score of 60% or above to have "above significant" ability. This, however, is not a good method for doing this, as it’s only just for fun. The ESP Test – Are… Read More »

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