Fun & Humor

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine and this is especially true in today’s climate. It’s important to be able to relax after a hard day at the office or even after an investigation. This is why I started the Fun & Humor section. It contains a plethora of paranormal jokes and games to provide a means to do just that.

Paranormal Cartoons

These are cartoons that we’ve created relating to the paranormal, psychic and spiritual realms. Most have been shared on our Facebook page. Bitstrips Cartoons These have been created using Bitstrips. Other Cartoons These are other paranormal, psychic or spiritual cartoons I’ve done.

Paranormal Jokes

This section is devoted to paranormal and psychic humour. Laughter and levity is equally as important as those serious moments, even during investigations. We’ve made some up ourselves, some have been collected from others, and some have been sent to us. Some of these are "groaners", and some may cause offense, but just keep an open mind and enjoy! Added Soon! Paranormal Answer Machine Humour – MP3s Paranormal/Psychic Cartoons Psychic Noticeboard

Paranormal Games

The Paranormal Games page is dedicated to games and other interactive things relating to the paranormal, spiritual and psychic realms. These have been conveniently categorised for easier reference. Relax and have a little playtime! [spacer size=”5″] [spacer size=”5″]

Just For Fun

The pages in this section are just for fun, light entertainment and an aside from the rest of the site. They still adhere to the paranormal, psychic and spiritual realms, but aren’t intended to be taken too seriously.

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