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“Moving Cup – Poltergeist?” Follow-Up

This is the follow-up on the Moving Cup – Poltergeist? article I did a few days ago. "Real" or "Fake"? Many of you already suspected that it was staged or faked in some way. In fact, you probably half-expected it from me. The video was, indeed, staged, but let me stress that the purpose of the video was certainly NOT to try and defraud or misguide people, but to demonstrate how easy it is to fool the mind by manipulating objects. This is especially important with the fact that there are so many fakes around today. That’s not to say that ALL recordings of paranormal activity are faked. Far from… Read More »

The Conjuring Movie Trailer

The movie centers around real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), the same couple who investigated the "Amityville Horror" case. It was released in Canada and the US on 18 and 19 July, 2013, respectively, and will be in UK cinemas 2 August, 2013. Personal Notes This is one of the very few paranormal movies I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Those who have seen it, either by special preview or in the movie theaters, have given positive feedback for the most part. The Exorcist and Poltergeist are my two all-time favourite paranormal movies, so when you combine them into a single movie,… Read More »

Signs of Poltergeist Activity

How To Recognize Signs of Poltergeist Activity There is a fine line between a poltergeist and a regular haunting, but there are certain signs of poltergeist activity to be aware of. First, however, it’s important to note that not all of these signs are automatically an indication of poltergeists. So how do you know if there might be a poltergeist in your home? Most often, there will be several obvious telltale signs: sounds, movements and odors of unknown origin. Below are some signs of poltergeist activity, but always be aware enough to rule out the more mundane, everyday causes. For example, flickering lights can indicate faulty wiring; unknown smells could… Read More »

Poltergeists – Part 3.3: My Own Poltergeist Experience (Part 3)

Following the persistent whispering voice from Part 2, I made my way to the bathroom. The few short steps there seemed to take forever, as though everything had slowed down. My footsteps on the wooden floor were like dull echoic thuds and the surroundings blurred slightly, reminiscent of a lingering, heavy mist. Through A Poltergeist’s Eyes As I stepped into the bathroom, at first I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but as I stood at the doorway the temperature plummeted to the point that my breath was visible. The bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel on the windowsill rattled, a toilet roll jumped onto the floor and… Read More »

Poltergeists – Part 3.2: My Own Poltergeist Experience (Part 2)

fter the poltergeist events in Part 1 died down, life returned to normal and I thought no more about them or about poltergeists. A few months went by without so much as a creaking floorboard, but then, without warning, the paranormal activity started again. The Poltergeist Returns One night, when it was completely quiet, I heard an almighty crash-bang sound. It took me totally by surprise and I literally jumped. I decided to investigate the source of the noise, adrenaline pumping through my body, and slowly started going through the apartment to see if anything had fallen over. In the bedroom, which I use primarily as a storage area (I… Read More »

Poltergeists – Part 3.1: My Own Poltergeist Experience (Part 1)

ost instances of poltergeist activity revolves around a person (or sometimes a group of people), usually a pubescent girl, where some kind of psychokinetic activity is involved. However, a small percentage cannot be associated with psychokinesis. I’ve had several encounters throughout my life where objects have moved on their own. Being a natural sceptic, when something anomalous happens I’ll first try to discount them with rational, logical explanations before attributing it to paranormal in nature. And I’ll also conduct some tests to determine if I can emulate circumstances that would cause an object to move or fall. The following is a true account based on my own personal poltergeist experiences.… Read More »