Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online About The Paranormal

A Mine of Information Let’s face it, the Internet is a huge mine of information, accessible from the convenience of your computer or mobile devices! Google allows you access to vast amounts of information and social media lets you view and propagate all kinds of things. The amount of information you can read is actually quite staggering compared to its earliest beginnings, when you really think about it. So, with all this information at your fingertips, you can’t possibly believe everything you read online. With some sites, such as the infamous "onion" and satire sites (Empire News, Daily Currant and World News Daily Report are some of the worst offenders),… Read More »

Paranormal Footprints Reactivating

After a long hiatus, during which time I was considering putting the domain up for sale (for various reasons), I’ve been inspired to continue with it, but going back to its roots. It was originally set up to some of my thoughts, tests and experiments into the paranormal, psychic abilities and parapsychologic research. Some of the articles I’m aiming to cover are: This list will grow as more inspiration (mostly based on certain comments I make or articles I come across on Facebook). At the moment, there probably won’t be any articles, as I’m in the process of compiling and writing them.

Ten Seconds To Six – A Strange Story

It’s an ordinary, unassuming clock, taking pride of place on my wall. Nothing special to look at, just ordinary. Yet it does something quite odd and unexplainable! It stops at ten seconds to six. My mother gave it to me after she was gifted another one, figuring that it’d be useful to be able to glance at the time rather than looking on my computer or cellphone. And it has been useful especially for work. Until one night it stopped functioning. Every time I readjust the time, it doesn’t matter if I fiddle with battery, replace with a new battery or position the clock in different locations. It stops at… Read More »

Chinese Vampires and Zombies – Myth & Legend

Forget about Twilight or True Blood or even Dracula! Forget about The Walking Dead as well. The Chinese have an entirely different take on vampires and zombies. Called Jiangshi, which translates as "stiff corpse", and refers to a "hopping" vampire or zombie. (Despite the name of the article, however, it’s not exclusively Chinese: it’s goeng-si in Cantonese, cuong thi in Vietnamese and gangshi in Korean; in Japan it’s known as a kyonshi.) The following video goes more succinctly and in-depth into the jiangsi, as well as the different "stages" of its evolution.

World’s 10 Strangest Out-of-Place Artifacts

Out-of-place artifacts (or OOPArts) are mysterious objects seemingly out of context with locations and time periods. There have been numerous theories put forward, but whether it’s ancient civilizations, time-travellers, or alien visitors (or something else), for now we won’t know for certain. These OOPArts will remain as much a mystery as their origins.

Important Notice – Our Facebook Page

Tina and I have made the executive decision to delete our Paranormal Parazone page on Facebook at the end of this month. With Facebook’s continued limitations, even with the prospect of adding new admins/content editors, we no longer feel it’s viable to keep the page going. We’d like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us over the years, those who have liked, shared, commented and stuck by us, as well as those who have laughed with us, shared our thoughts, and made this experience very well worthwhile! Thank you to each and every one of you! We will, however, still remain active on the following sites: ~Wulf & Tina