How to Interpret Your Dreams Ebook On Sale

The Cart has been fixed and the How to Interpret Your Dreams ebook is now available for purchase.

The special 50% discount code is pffb50htiyd.

Copy and paste the code into the text box provided on the cart for your discount. You’ll be able to purchase it for $1.49 instead of its regular price of $2.99. You can buy multiple copies of the ebook to receive the same discount on each, but remember that only 100 can have the discount. Once they’ve all been purchased, the price returns to the regular price, so get your copy while you can!

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Walking Dead Season 5 – Coming Soon

<em>The Walking Dead</em> Season 5 is returning with 16 episodes in October. I can't wait!

The Walking Dead Season 5 is returning with 16 episodes in October. I can’t wait!

October can’t come quickly enough! Lots of cool movies and TV shows coming!

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Newsletter Blues

The Paranormal Footprints Newsletter was scheduled to be sent to all subscribers today, but due to an unforeseen – and significant bug in the "cron" settings – it failed to deliver properly. Only a very small fraction of subscribers received the newsletter.

I’m looking into this and hope to find a resolution soon so that future Newsletters (one per month) will be sent out efficiently and regularly.

Apologies if you received multiple copies of the Newsletter or if, at a later date, you receive a duplicate copy of the Newsletter.

Please bear with me, I’m doing my best to resolve this in between work and other projects. Thanks in advance!

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Ouija – Movie Trailer 2014

Ouija is a new paranormal thriller being released on October 24, 2014 (USA). It stars Olivia Cooke, who also stars in Bates Motel and The Quiet Ones. This does look quite good.

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Jessabelle – Movie Trailer

Jessabelle, a new paranormal horror movie, comes out end of next month (29 August, 2014). Very few trailers give me the heebie jeebies. This one does, so hopefully the movie will do the same.

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“How To Interpret Your Dreams” Ebook – Coming Soon

How to Interpret Your Dreams Cover

How to Interpret Your Dreams Cover

The How To Interpret Your Dreams ebook is nearing completion, with just a few final edits left, and will appear on the Online Store soon.

The price will be set at $2.99, but visitors to our Facebook Page can benefit from a huge 50% discount. The first 100 visitors will be able to purchase the ebook for just $1.49 instead of its regular price!

This is to celebrate the "official" opening of the store and to give huge thanks to all of our Facebook followers.

Nearer the time, we’ll provide a special code, which we’ll display on our Facebook page, that can be used on the store for the discounted price. After 100 copies have been sold at the reduced price, the ebook will return to its regular price.

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